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Are We Being Hypnotized, and Do We Like It?

A Conversation with Mattias Desmet

On Joe Rogan's podcast in December of 2021, mRNA vaccine technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone mentioned three words that ignited a firestorm: "Mass Formation Psychosis." Malone was quoting the work of Matthias Desmet, professor of psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the University of Ghent.

In this episode, Perspectives goes to the source to explore: Could the near-total capitulation to measures with no scientific basis or common sense rationale, like lockdowns and the donning of face masks, be a feature of a kind of mass hysteria or moral panic? In what ways are the pandemic measures similar to features of totalitarianism? How do unscrupulous leaders wield their understanding of human behavior patterns? Most troubling of all, what is it about human beings that makes us so willing to submit to "mass formation?" This interview was filmed before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, but the connection between war, hysteria, and propaganda is thoroughly explored in this far-ranging conversation.


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